Digital Marketing Services offered by Waring Media


We basically invented digital marketing

My generation witnessed the end of the analog era and the transition to the digital era. We were there from the beginning. My Space was once king. Facebook was only available for College students, Twitter was just a fun way to chat with some friends, and reddit wasn’t even invented yet.

We learned how to use "Electronic Mail". We even saw the rise and fall of Digg.

We witnessed a complete information technology overhaul. More information was being shared in a few minutes than previous years put together. And then we figured out how to use all these great tools to increase sales for our companies.

My generation invented Digital Marketing.

But the digital world didn’t completely take over every form of media. It just segmented it the same way radio segmented the newspapers, the same way TV segmented the radio, and the same way Cable segmented broadcast tv.

We don’t force digital marketing plans in to every campaign. And every marketing opportunity starts with a target demo. But when it makes sense, and the people you’re trying to reach are living in this new digital world, we will absolutely knock it out of the park for you.

We are a great match for each other if:

Digital Marketing has changed the game. It's so effective that the subject has rasied questions of integrity, morality, & ethics. Because of this, we have developed specific standards and will only deliver Digital Marketing services to a select few brands. We'd love to work with your brand if:

  • LOVE. We don't care who you love or what the color of your skin is and we damn sure won't spread messages of hate.
  • like to help others.
  • always root for the good guy or gal.
  • know that, in the long run, cheaters never win.
  • see value in the digital marketing process and want to invest the time & money it takes to do things right.

What types of digital marketing services does Waring Media offer?

The short answer is, "All of them".

The long answer is, well... more complicated. Each Digital Marketing strategy provided by Waring Media is custom built for your brand’s needs. And our services range from doing things to your site that will increase traffic, to doing things on another site in order to increase your traffic.

Our process starts with a phone call or email. From there, we discuss your needs and make sure we can handle your requests. Whatever the strategy, we aim to deliver exactly what you’re looking for.

Newsletter Marketing

Waring Media can help you create a brand new email-newsletter system, grow your user numbers, or expand your current system to include advanced analytics and techniques that increase your sales.

Social Media Marketing

Whether it’s facebook, Pinterest, reddit, instagram, snapchat, twitter, or the next greatest thing like tik-tok, Waring Media will help you create a social media strategy that includes organic and paid social media content.

Search Engine Optimization

It’s like a checkup for your website. Waring Media will go through your website, remove all the bad stuff, and add in all the things that search engines are looking for.

Adwords Advertising

Waring Media will use your existing pages or create splash pages that are specifically designed to help connect your brand with the proper users. If you’re going to pay for traffic, we’ll make sure you get the traffic you want.

Content Creation

Instead of telling people to come visit your site, allow Waring Media to create some incredibly beautiful content that attracts new users, retains current users, and increases your brand perception.

Conversion Optimization

You paid a lot of money to obtain customers and the last thing you want is to lose them once they visit your site. Waring Media will optimize your pages to retain more users and help them flow through the checkout process.

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