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Transitioning To A Take-Out Restaurant

Custom Food Photography That Helps Your Menu Sizzle The Corona Virus lock down has caused a lot of economic trouble for a lot of people and the restaurant industry is one of the hardest hit. The limitations in some areas have forced owners to switch to a mobile ordering or takout format. If you need help marketing your restaurant or just want some... Read more »

For Sale – My Grey Hairs

How Dave Looks After A Job Is Done I am no hero. I will never pretend to be. I don't save people's lives by running into a building on fire or pulling them out of a car crash. I've never been deployed. I don't respond to a call at a house where people were just shot or have been fighting. I don't have... Read more »

The internet is sick also. Can we please fix it in 2020?

The internet is sick Did you notice that you didn't have to close out a popup window when you clicked on this page? Did you see a giant "cookies" bar at the bottom of this page? That's because these are web design trends that absolutely NEED to stop in 2020. And that's what THIS article is all about. :)... Read more »

How To Market Your Company During A Recession

Toilet Paper Marketing - How to market your company in a recession The stock market has gone nuts, people have been making runs on supplies and resources, and everyone is worried. But most importantly, everyone is scared. This Corona Virus Pandemic has left a lot of people wondering what will happen next. And if the economy does slow down, some business owners may be left scratching their... Read more »

Case Study – Can you see results from a $10 facebook spend?

Waring Media is giving away a free engagement session this Valentine's Day. We'll find out with this case study. Budget: $10 Expected Results: If I get any leads for $10, I'll be blown away by the results. I'm not really expecting this to do much besides help me find a new family that will let me use their session for marketing purposes, in exchange for a free... Read more »