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    Do you have any idea how many pieces of mail I get on a daily basis? A great majority of the mail are direct mail pieces that were created to try and get me to buy a cabin in the mountains of Tennessee, or because someone wants to sell me a new couch. These pieces don't speak to me so I usually end up tossing them in the trash.

    If you don’t grab the recipients attention immediately with your direct mail campaign, your piece will probably get shredded or sent to the bottom of the trash pile just as quickly.

    Waring Media can help you create a piece that truly stands out. All you have to do is tell us about your needs and we’ll be ready to build you a direct mail piece that includes photography services, design work, market research, and post office purchasing services.

    Make your direct mailing easier on you and everyone else involved. Send us a message to the left or Give us a call today @ (407) 986-0932!