Advertising Services Offered By Waring Media


Here's My Story

Hi, I'm Dave. I'm a Photographer, Digital Marketing Professional, & Web Developer working to solve client needs out of Orlando, FL.

I started Waring Media in order to provide Advertising, Photography, & Web Development services to a few clients on the side. And the whole thing grew from there.

I've developed web pages and applications for some of the biggest companies in Orlando, including Disney and the Orlando Magic. I've created lasting advertising relationships for clients and radio stations, like Mix 105.1 and Real Radio 104.1. I've photographed hundreds of thousands of High-School and Elementary aged children. I've been using professional photographic equipment since I was 16 years old (I am wayyyy older than that now).

And I'd like to help you create your next big thing.

I'm proud to offer you my professional services and can't wait to build something truly extraordinary for you or your company.

Now Let's Tell Your Story!

Advertising is so much more than just buying commercials

Back in the day, we’d develop some fun, creative commercials and buy your time on the air. The strategy worked and advertisers saw a giant return on their investments. But that just doesn’t cut it any more. Markets are saturated, competition is immense, and advertising dollars need to produce measured performance.

When you work with Waring Media, we develop a custom advertising plan specifically for your brand. Essentially, we write a really great story for you. The better the story, the better the results!